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Rebozo Copenhagen is a family business that supports the family workshops of artisans and the survival of local communities. We work to strengthen family values through joy, quality and well-being. Our rebozos are lifelong products created with the environment and sustainability in mind.

Here you can read about our founder, the artisans and what a rebozo is. We hope you find reading it inspiring.


I started Rebozo Copenhagen in 2019. I am from Mexico City, married with Christian, a dane, and have been living in Copenhagen since 2012.

I used rebozo the last month of my pregnancy as my midwife recommended it to me to relieve pain in my back, ribs and pelvic floor, it was pure magic! It was the only way I could fell asleep at night. My husband did all the exercises we learned, 5 - 10 minutes every afternoon. I gave birth to my first child, Emma, in Denmark at Hvidovre Hospital in 2014, where I experienced the benefit of traditional rebozo techniques... during pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

I have also used the rebozo as a sling and enjoyed all its benefits. I still use it as a scarf and to carry my second child, Oscar, who is 3 years old, when his legs get too tired.

I decided to make this tool available to any mother and professional birth keeper throughout Denmark and Europe, while supporting at the same time the local communities in Mexico. 🙌✨

I have two lovely and sweet children born in 2014 and 2017. I love photography and traveling.
Carlos, kunsthåndværker, væver rebozos på pedalvæv.


All our authentic rebozos are handwoven on a pedal loom by selected unique artisans in Mexico. The fringes are handmade and each family workshop has its own unique design. We work directly with them and visit their family workshops, and we value our friendship and collaboration.
Stativ med kogler til vævning.
Adriana og Javier. Besøg hos kunsthåndværkeren, der laver Emma rebozos.
Emma rebozos modellens unikke design på frynserne.

Creating handmade rebozos is a proud craft, and we are very happy that all our rebozos are made with personal care, emotions and consideration. Sustainability: We care about less environmental and climate impact and social responsibility with gender equality and a fair price per piece.

The difference between our authentic, handwoven rebozos and mass-produced low quality factory copies is that ours differ significantly with the best possible thread quality, lifelong durability and all our rebozos are beautiful and unique. A true rebozo is handwoven and a proud tradition.


We would like to introduce you to our skilled artisans. Rebozo craftsmanship has been passed down in families over many generations, so their expertise and technical skills have been preserved.
Javier from the Peñafamily, who weaves our Emma and Oscar rebozos, watched his grandfather weaving rebozos as a child and was drawn to the craft.

The rebozo, its tradition and meaning, is very beautiful, maybe as time goes by you forget to appreciate what you have in the moment, but after trying other business and other things, I appreciate my craft, also when I think of all the life history I have behind me.

- Javier, artisan

For us rebozo means family, that is why all the company's rebozos are named after our family members, and our rebozos are handwoven and handmade by families in their family workshops in Mexico. We have developed and custom-designed our rebozos with perfect measurements and beautiful colors.

All our rebozos size 1-3 are with multifunction and can be used for scarf, baby sling to carry your child from 0-5 years and you can use them for rebozo massage. Our rebozos size 4-6 are only available in our Emma model and are rebozo wraps. They are perfect for carrying your child from newborn up to 5 years old.

Something I am passionate about is that the rebozo is a family tradition. The rebozo is part of our culture. Where the family is united. We are a joint team, if one part of the team fails, everything fails. We are always here to support each other.

- Javier, artisan

Adriana, grundlægger af Rebozo Copenhagen med Emma Yellow rebozo.


We work directly with five unique artisans from different local communities in Mexico. By choosing Rebozo Copenhagen, you are supporting these artisans in keeping their crafts and traditions alive in their communities.

Behind every rebozo, there is a person, a pair of hands and a story to be told. Our rebozos are woven on a traditional pedal loom and it takes between 1 to 3 days to weave a rebozo - depending on the length. Our rebozos are handwoven in lengths from 2.2 to 4.7 meters.

One rebozo is made by an entire family, where both men and women are involved in the process. The men weave the rebozo, while the women tie the fringes with their hands. It is a team effort where you find equality of genders working as a team. The elders helps tying the fringes, as they enjoy being with the family in this way and can talk about all kinds of things while they sit and having a cozy time making rebozos.

Here you can see photos from our family workshops

Rebozo Stripes, der væves på pedalvæv.



A rebozo is an everyday item in Mexico, used to carry babies in, keep warm or to cover one's shoulders from the sun. You will be familiar with the images of Frida Kahlo wearing beautiful handwoven rebozos.

Mexican midwives use rebozos to perform 'manteada', a massage technique where the woman is rocked and shaken in a rebozo like in a hammock, to help relieve back and pelvic pain and to help get her baby in a good position for birth. Rebozo techniques are also used during childbirth to rotate the baby naturally and healthily down the pelvis and through the birth canal.
These same techniques are excellent for sore backs and stiff joints, also for non-pregnant people. Are you familiar with the sensation of rocking in a hammock? Rebozo creates the same dreamy, drifting feeling while focused on specific areas of your body.