A rebozo shawl is an everyday thing in Mexico, used to carry babies, keep warm, or shelter from the sun. You'll be familiar with the images of Frida Kahlo wearing vibrantly woven rebozos.

Mexican midwives use them to do the 'manteada', a massage technique where the woman is rocked and shimmied in the hammock of the rebozo, to help ease aching back and to encourage the baby into a good position.

These same techniques are excellent for sore backs and stiff joints, also for non-pregnant people. Are you familiar with the sensation of rocking in a hammock? Rebozo creates the same dreamy, drifting feeling but it is focused on particular areas of your body.


We work directly with five unique artisans from different local communities in Mexico. In choosing Rebozo Copenhagen, you are supporting these artisans keep their craftwork alive within their communities.

Behind every rebozo, there is a person, a pair of hands and a story to be told. Our Rebozos are weaved by a traditional pedal weaving loom. With this technique, it takes one to three days for each Rebozo to be made.

One rebozo is made by an entire family, where men and women are involved in the process. Men weave the rebozo while women weave the endings of the rebozo with their hands. It is a team effort where you find equality of genders working as a team.

We are 100% mexican made.


I started Rebozo Copenhagen in 2019. I am from Mexico City, married with Christian, a dane, and have been living in Copenhagen since 2012.

I used rebozo the last month of my pregnancy when my midwife recommended it to me, to relieve the pain I had in my back, ribs and pelvic floor, it was pure magic! It was the only way I could fell asleep at night. My husband did all the exercises we learned, 5 - 10 minutes every afternoon. I gave birth to my first child in Denmark at Hvidovre Hospital in 2014, where I experienced the benefit of the traditional rebozo technique during pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

I have also used the rebozo as a sling and enjoyed all its benefits. I still use it as a scarf and to carry my second child, who is 3 years old, when his legs get tired.

I decided to make this tool available to any mother and professional birth keeper throughout Denmark and Europe, while supporting at the same time the local communities in Mexico. 🙌✨

I have two lovely and sweet children born in 2014 and 2017. I love photography and traveling.