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Buy rebozos: We sell genuine handwoven rebozos for winding or with multifunction: Scarf, carry sling from 0-5 years and for rebozo massage – all in one rebozo. In stock in Ørestad with short delivery time.

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Discover what a real rebozo can do for you

  • Birth preparation and pregnancy with rebozo massage:
    Relief, well-being and relaxation for pregnant women. Deep and safe massage.

  • Before and during birth:
    Improves the chances of a complication-free birth. Read more under the tab page “rebozo massage”.
  • For baby’s developmental leaps, teething and general care: a rebozo sling provides reassurance and easy, quick relief when baby needs extra care by being carried close to the body.
  • Helping parents with challenges: Carrying in a rebozo wrap or sling reduces colic, reflux and eases baby’s digestive system when carried belly-to-belly and in the vertical position.
  • Treatment of stress and anxiety: Rebozo massage releases oxytocin and endorphins, relaxing the body and making you feel pleasant. It’s easy to get tense when you feel stress or anxiety. The massage treats this.
  • Treatment massage: Can be used for pain, soreness, disability, chronic pain and more without posing any risk, as long as you stop the massage in case of discomfort.
  • Treatment for autism, ADHD, special sensitivities and the like: Rebozo massage creates calm, security and pleasant physical contact for children with autism, ADHD, special sensitivities and the like – without overstimulation.

Courses & workshops

22/9-2023 & 23/9-2023: Rebozo workshop – Magic of rebozo in perinatal care

Rebozo workshop: Magic of rebozo in perinatal care


Guadalupe Trueba has more than 45 years of rebozo experience as midwife and doula. “Traditional Mexican midwifery practices for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.” For both beginners and advanced: Learn strategies in the use of the rebozo and expand its benefits in pregnancy, both normal births and those that move away from their physiological course and after birth.

“During workshop, I will demonstrate several ways to include the rebozo as a resource for physical and emotional support for childbearing women, in combination with light and deep touch, aromatherapy, acupressure, positions for labor and birth as well as postpartum.” – Guadalupe

Notice: The course is in English

See the full description of the workshop and registration

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Private clinics, hospitals, midwives, doula’s, sling counsellors, physiotherapists, educational institutions, clinics working with stress, clinics for patients with disabilities, yoga instructors, therapists for children with autism and ADHD and more.

B2B – resale, workshops, courses, education and more

We can offer rebozo workshops, sling guidance, educational presentations with practical exercises and the possibility of reselling rebozos. We are also open to collaborate on more types of activities. Do you want to resell rebozos to your clients/course participants? We are happy to make a package deal with a good quantity discount on rebozos.

We have 2 products: handwoven rebozos for carriers/wraps (size 4-6) and with multifunction (size 1-3): wrap, carry sling from 0-5 years and rebozo massage. With short delivery time from stock in DK.

Used by Danish hospitals and professionals

We collaborate with several Danish hospitals and various midwives, doula, physiotherapists and obstetricians and more.

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    About business to business – questions and answers

    Rebozo massage is a holistic non-invasive method to support pregnant women through their pregnancy. It is a gentle effective pregnant massage developed by Mexican midwives over many generations. Rebozo massage has spread to Europe and the West and has become popular in recent years because it relieves pregnancy discomfort, soothes and relaxes to the great relief and delight of pregnant women who have tried the method.


    Rebozo massage:
    • relief of pregnancy pain and discomfort.
    • safe and natural muscle relaxation.
    • to get the baby in the right position in the pelvis before birth.
    • painless and is also used for non-invasive reversal attempts for breech baby.
    • labor stimulation – during birth in the labor phase.
    • supports the baby’s rotation through the birth canal – during birth.
    • can correct inappropriate head position – during childbirth.
    • an aid to the body’s recovery after childbirth.
    • also beneficial for other purposes.
    Rebozo massage is performed with a rebozo, hence the name. A rebozo is a traditional Mexican handwoven shawl/scarf. The massage has been developed through centuries of use of the rebozo. A rebozo is handwoven on pedal looms by Mexican artisans who have passed down their knowledge and technique through generations. All Mexican women have at least one rebozo, which they use as a shawl or scarf, to carry their child and for rebozo massage.


    More and more midwives recommends and are using rebozo massage, as they have experienced how much it helps the pregnant woman during pregnancy, but also during labour, from when the first contractions start, and afterwards when the body needs to recover after the birth.


    Rebozo massage is a fun, safe, natural and effective way to be pregnant with your partner, friends or family. With the rebozo, fathers/partners can get involved in the birth by performing rebozo massage, which means they actively help relieve pain and get baby in the right position.


    Massaging with a authentic handwoven rebozo targets muscles on the pregnant woman that can’t be reached with ordinary massage with hands or other types of fabric. It is much easier for a professional (midwife, doula, obstetrician, etc.) as the effect is achieved with less physical work because the stretch and meassurements support the massager. The fabric grips easily, unlike other types of fabric that don’t wrap in the same way and can slip around during the massage.


    Rebozo massage works by taking a rebozo and spreading the centre of the rebozo over the area of the body you want to massage. The massage is given by gripping the ends of the rebozo and then switch between three techniques: shaking the muscles, stretching the muscles and pausing for relaxation between movements.


    Rebozo massage has the special effect of both relieving pregnancy discomfort and treating pain in pregnant women, and rebozo massage massages deeper in a safe way so that, for example by relaxing the deep muscles in the pelvis, you positively affect the baby with rocking movements and create better space for the baby in the belly.


    Rebozo massage, with the right technique, can both rotate the baby into the right birthing position – ready for birth, the massage can stimulate labor and you can make painless turn attempts of the baby in a natural and safe way for both mother and baby. For example, a midwife, doula or obstetrician may carry out the massage.


    The rebozo technique relaxes the muscles in and around the pelvis, which can help support the baby’s rotation through the birth canal and correct inappropriate head positions. Rebozo massage can therefore also help to avoid caesarean sections. This is supported if you receive rebozo massage continuously during pregnancy. In Mexico, they do rebozo massage during labour (and in preparation for labour), where labour goes a lot faster because the massage supports the baby’s passage through the birth canal and women relax more.

    Rebozo massage works by taking a rebozo and spreading the middle of the rebozo over the area of the body you want to massage, keeping a grip on the ends. You then switch between three techniques: shaking the muscles, stretching the muscles and pausing for relaxation between movements:

    1. Shake your muscles– you grab the ends of a rebozo and pull the middle from side to side to make small shakes on the area of the body you want to massage. The little shakes of the muscles have a soothing effect and loosen up the muscles. As mentioned in the above paragraph, rebozo massage penetrates deeper into the muscles that the pregnant woman needs to be massaged while not being uncomfortable for either mother or baby in the womb, and it is a natural and non-invasive way.
    2. Stretch your muscles – you grab the ends of a rebozo, which wraps around the pregnant woman where you want to stretch the muscles. You pull/stretch the rebozo, and the stretch in the rebozo takes hold, so the muscles are stretched too. Like the shaking exercise, this stretch penetrates deeper and works to stretch tight and locked muscles that is hard to reach otherwise. Stretching positively affects the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis and helps to provide better space for the baby in the abdomen, as relaxed muscles create a larger space inside the abdomen. This exercise effect cannot be achieved using another cloth without stretching, and the dimensions of a rebozo are adapted to cover the area of the body that the pregnant woman needs stimulated and relieved.
    3. Pause for relaxation – pausing between shaking and stretching exercises gives the optimal effect as it helps the muscles to relax after the gentle touch and you can feel the muscles relax after the massage.

    The greatest effect is achieved by doing the exercises repeatedly.

    You’ll also find our video guides and descriptions of specific exercises on this page below.

    Rebozo massage can be used as a considerate massage to create calm and security for children with for example autism, ADHD, special sensitivities, body anxiety and the like, as they may feel discomfort with sensory or physical touch, where a rebozo’s target envelops the child in a pleasant, non-overpowering way.

    The stretch from the hand wrap is the same type as a fixed wrap, but with the difference that a rebozo’s fabric feels neither stiff nor heavy, but instead light and the stretch works with the child’s movement and body in a non-invasive way. The child is physically touched by the cloth and sensually stimulated, without being overstimulated, but calming. It can help your baby to calm down and fall asleep.

    Rebozo Copenhagen sells genuine handwoven rebozos. We work with local artisans in Mexico. Each family workshop handlooms unique rebozos from knowledge passed down through generations. Each family’s rebozos are unique in their colour, texture and knotted/tied by hand fringe of their own design. We support artisans to keep their tradition and craft alive in their communities.

    We offer package deals at an attractive price where you can resell rebozos to your customers.

    There is a really big difference between using an authentic handwoven rebozo and using another piece of cloth, such as a towel, plain scarf, sheet and the like. Rebozo massage techniques have evolved from centuries of rebozo use, hence the name. Therefore, a real rebozo is perfect in dimensions, length and width, and the diagonal stretch that gives the optimal effect of the massage for the pregnant and postpartum. Other garments can also slip into the hands of the masseur and onto the pregnant body. There is therefore also greater security associated with using a genuine rebozo.

    We often get feedback that professionals find that their clients/customers start with a different cloth than an authentic rebozo, but then come back and want to buy a rebozo. As they have tried it on the course and have not achieved the same effect with the other cloth they used.

    It’s much easier for the massager, as the rebozo gets a better grip during the exercises, and therefore requires less physical effort. It spares the practitioner’s back in the long run compared to other garments/clothes. With a rebozo, the massage also penetrates deeper and gently into the muscles. Some other cloth materials do not have stretch, and you therefore lose an important element of the rebozo massage, where you stretch the rebozo around the body, and it stretches the muscles of the pregnant woman. This stretching helps to relax the muscles.

    We are happy to collaborate on courses, workshops, pregnant yoga and more combined with rebozo massage exercises or sling guidance.

    We have professional knowledge in rebozo massage and sling guidance and collaborate with experts in the field. We can offer rebozo workshops, sling guidance and the possibility of reselling rebozos. There are also opportunities for presentations with knowledge sharing and practical exercises on training courses, for example on doula training.

    We are happy to cooperate and help: Private clinics, hospitals, midwives, doula’s, sling counsellors, physiotherapists, educational institutions, clinics working with stress, clinics for patients with disabilities, yoga instructors, therapists for children with autism and ADHD and more.

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    Can’t you just use a towel, bed linen or a regular scarf and such and save money?

    Here you can read about why, although you can do it, you won’t get the same effect and relief from discomfort or pain. For example, it is impractical to have too much fabric between the hands and around the pregnant body to do the exercises.

    The rebozo has the right dimensions and stretch – so you get the full effect

    Which came first the chicken or the egg? The rebozo or the rebozo massage? The answer is that the rebozo cloth came first, and over the centuries Mexican midwives developed the rebozo massage, which is performed with a handwoven rebozo. A rebozo therefore has the precise measurements, both in length and width, to suit the various rebozo exercises. A rebozo is perfect for getting a good grip with your hands, and there’s not too much fabric around the pregnant woman’s tummy or pelvis. It is also better for professionals to work with:

    Rebozo with multifunction – beautiful and unique

    The precise measurements are important for the masseur (for example, your partner, doula or midwife) to massage in the right position. The rebozo is gentle while getting a real grip and deeper into the muscles than other fabrics, due to its measurements and handwoven rebozo stretch. This spares the backs of professionals, who don’t have to use as much effort as with other gowns, and prevents the fabric from slipping both in the hands of the masseur and on the pregnant woman’s body. With a real rebozo, you can safely do the three rebozo techniques described in the section “How to do a rebozo massage”, and get the most out of the rebozo massage.

    All our rebozos for rebozo massage also have multifunction, so they can be used both during pregnancy for rebozo massage, after pregnancy to carry the child from 0-5 years in a sling or ring sling and they can also be used as a scarf with good memories preserved. We’re also a little proud that our rebozos are also beautiful, unique and high quality.

    One option is to bring your own freshly washed rebozo to the hospital for rebozo massage during labour in the labor phase. Arrange this in advance with your midwife, doula or obstetrician if it is possible.

    The demand for rebozo massage has gradually become great. Many are told they can just “save money” and use a sheet, towel or scarf. You can, but as described in the previous section, you unfortunately do not get the same effect from the massage. Among other things, because the fabric does not work with the body in the same way, it slides around more easily and other clothes do not have the right measurements and stretch.

    If you use an authentic rebozo for rebozo massage, you get the optimal effect and it works deeper into the muscles, which is especially nice and effective for a pregnant woman who wants to relieve pregnancy pains and would like to loosen up sore muscles, for example in the lower back and pelvis. Many find that they have peace and joy during their pregnancy afterwards.

    You can buy an authentic handwoven rebozo in our webshop. We work with various artisans who have passed down their expertise through generations. Each features their local family workshop in Mexico with the family’s chosen colours, texture and finished fringe knotted/tied by hand in the family’s unique design.

    We have six sizes of rebozo, which are divided by how long they are. You can use all from size -> size 1-4 for rebozo massage.


    You can use anyone from size 1-4 for rebozo massage.

    We recommendsize 2 and 3, which in the long term is most gentle on the back, as you achieve the best possible position and length and width to work firmly with rebozo massage.

    If you are taller than 185 cm, we recommend that you choose size 3 or 4.

    Our recommendation is based on the assumption that a professional will do rebozo massage often and over many sessions. Whereas a private customer/pregnant is going to do rebozo massage over a shorter period of time and can therefore choose whether the person also wants to use their rebozo for a scarf and sling (size 1-3) or as a wrap (size 4-6). And the size for rebozo massage is often a secondary priority.

    However, Size 1 will be too short for exercises where the person massaging is standing up and massaging someone who is lying down. But it is good as a complementary rebozo for massaging smaller body parts, for example the head or legs.

    Size 5 and 6 are too long for rebozo massage. The two lengths are suitable for making wraps, but if you want a wrap first and foremost, but also want to try using them a little for rebozo massage, try tying some knots at both ends to shorten the length of them so they’re easier to work with.

    Private customers

    You can use anyone from size 1-4 for rebozo massage. You may want to choose a rebozo with multifunction (scarf, sling from 0-5 years and for rebozo massage), which is our size 1-3.

    If you want to make a wrap, choose size 4, which is under our wrap category, because size 4-6 are the longest rebozos, and you need more length to tie a wrap that is tied over both shoulders.

    A carry sling (with multifunction), which is our size 1-3, is tied over one shoulder. On the other hand, it is incredibly easy and quick to tie, even if you choose a ring sling when purchasing rings.

    However, Size 1 will be too short for exercises where the person massaging is standing up and massaging someone who is lying down.

    Size 5 and 6 are too long for rebozo massage. The two lengths are suitable for making wraps, but if you still want to try using them a bit for rebozo massage, try tying some knots at both ends to shorten the length of them so they’re easier to work with.

    Today, you can choose from handmade items, mass-produced factory goods, fair trade and more. At Rebozo Copenhagen, we sell goods with a clear conscience. This means that we support and collaborate with artisans who weave our handmade rebozos.

    Why the price?

    • All our rebozos are handwoven on treadle loom and the fringes are knotted/tied by hand. Each family workshop we work with has their unique rebozos in texture, colour and design.
    • Quality takes time. Each rebozo takes 1-3 days to hand-weave depending on the length and design. They weave their emotions and inspiration into each rebozo.
    • We support the artisans by paying a fair price, so they earn a good price per piece, keeping their craft tradition alive and supporting the growth of the local community.
    • Cheapest is not best. At Rebozo Copenhagen, we can vouch for the fact that everything is done under proper working conditions, even with gender equality. We regularly visit the family workshops in Mexico and meet the artisans. It’s reassuring that we see the workshops and the people behind them, with whom we have a good relationship.
    • Less impact on the environment. During the weaving process, no CO2 and similar harmful gases are emitted, as our rebozos are woven on pedal looms by hand (and leg) labour. Factory mass-produced goods are often about quantity rather than quality, and the durability is often short and the quality poor. We have not chosen that for ethical reasons. It is important to us that we can vouch for the quality and the work process.
    • Our handwoven rebozos are not comparable to factory copies. An authentic rebozo is hand woven. Our rebozos are distinguished by quality. They weigh the same as woven wraps (270 grams per sqm), but feel light and airy. They are incredibly easy to make slings and wraps from and to use for rebozo massage. At the same time they are woven with very strong threads and the rebozo weave increases their durability. Washed properly, they can last for many many years, maybe even for the rest of your life.

    Rebozo multifunction for rebozo massage – size 1-3

    Rebozo for wrap – size 4-6

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