Rebozo massage er en holistisk og ikke-invasiv metode oprindeligt fra Mexico

Rebozo massage er en naturlig og sikker smertelindring metode, der anbefales af jordemødre og doulaer. Du kan gøre det derhjemme ved hjælp af din partner.

A miniserie about rebozo

“This is a miniserie about the history, origin and use of the rebozo. A danish midwife, Laura, who has traveled in Mexico, talks about her experiences with a traditional Mexican midwife Angelina. The owner of Rebozo Copenhagen, Mexican-born Adriana, talks about her own experience with rebozo and the beginning of her rebozo adventure. ” Episode 1 - It's about rebozo in pregnancy. This video is made by Susanne, owner of Jordemoderen, who is a passionate midwife with over 16 years of experience and is an IBCLC breastfeeding consultant. She has been working with rebozo for 8 years and loves rebozo’s magic!

The rebozo is used by traditional mexican midwives over centuries, to help women to have comfort during pregnancy and birth. The rebozo techniques have spread to the childbirth assistants in North America and Europe in the last years.

Used nowadays in the Danish hospitals, such as Hvidovre Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Herlev. among others. And in many hospitals around the world.

The rebozo technique loosens the pelvic muscles, which can help support the child’s rotation through the birth path and correct inappropriate head positions.

The Rebozo Massage is used during pregnancy as a pain-relieving and relaxing massage for the back, lower back, buttocks and pelvic floor. It helps to get the baby in a good position before birth, and can also make the baby rotate.

If you have any problems in your pregnancy, consult your midwife or doula before using the rebozo.

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