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Authentic handwoven rebozos

We support local artisans from Mexico to keep their tradition alive.

✓ Support locally ✓ Equality ✓ Fair craft price

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We pack and ship within 1-5 business days from our warehouse in Ørestad, Denmark.

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Multifunction or wrap

Rebozo multifunction length - size 1-3 scarf sling rebozo massage

Rebozo baby wrap length - size 4-6


We support local artisans

We work directly with unique artisans from different local areas of Mexico. By choosing Rebozo Copenhagen you support these artisans in keeping their crafts and traditions alive in their communities. We support them with a fair price per rebozo, and we occasionally visit the artisans in Mexico. Their family workshops have gender equality and their knowledge and craftsmanship are passed down through generations. All our handmade rebozos are woven by hand and foot on a pedal loom and the fringes are knotted/tied by hand. Therefore, the environment is not exposed to CO2 and other emissions in the weaving process. Each rebozo takes between 1-3 days to weave.

Rebozo væves på pedalvæv af kunsthåndværker i familieværksted i Mexico

All our handwoven rebozos are unique and created by creative hands with empathy.

"We weave our emotions, family life and history into the design and colors" - Carlos, artisan

Rebozo multifunction

(size 1-3)

Rebozo baby wrap

(size 4-6)


Rebozo from Frida Kahlo, freedom fighters to mothers-to-be.

You may know the rebozo from Frida Kahlo's beautiful self-portraits where she wears them. Today, it is more widespread worldwide due to its beautiful structure and beneficial uses.
A rebozo is originally a traditional Mexican shawl, used by women for centuries for various purposes. For example, in the 19th century, it was used by female Mexican freedom fighters to carry their equipment. The rebozo is a symbol of history, tradition and family values.

The beneficial uses of the rebozo

Rebozo massage: A rebozo can help expectant mothers anticipate childbirth with greater comfort, confidence and security. Rebozo massage is a natural pain relief through pregnancy, during labour and postpartum.
Rebozo sling (& wrap): Continued use of the rebozo after birth provides ongoing connection between mother and baby. While the child is wrapped in the rebozo, it has physical contact with the mother’s or father´s body. The baby sleeps, is breastfed / bottle-feed and otherwise socialized in this marvelous nest.
After giving birth, rebozo massage (e.g. at a closing ceremony) also provides the new mother with the physical and emotional healing she needs.
Rebozo scarf/shawl: The Rebozo follows your journey through life from pregnancy, postnatal and is perfect as a beautiful shawl or scarf that can be worn for the rest of your life and keep all the good memories between you and your baby.

Customer reviews

Rebozo massage

“I am a midwife and have worked with rebozo massage for many years and thus tested many different substances and materials. It's so important that the fabric and weave feel right - to be able to work properly with the rebozo massage. The Emma rebozo from rebozocopenhagen fits me perfectly."
Susanne / Jordemoder

Rebozo as sling

"I find it very easy to use a rebozo to carry my children in. I learned how to put the rebozo correctly, which is why I haven't had back pain. The weight is well distributed and you can't feel it hanging a little baby in it. It's much easier to use than wraps".
Magni / Far

Birth preparation

"Our experience with the rebozo has been fantastic, and I say "our" because the rebozo massage has been an excellent tool to not only relieve my pregnancy symptoms, such as lower back pain, but also to get my partner actively involved in the whole process (.. .)".
Camilla / Gravid