Interview med Lili

Lili Hernandez laver rebozo massage

I am Lili Hernandez, I was born in Mexico and living in Denmark since 2014. I have 2 sons, one that is 4.5 years old who is obsessed with Lego and a one year old who loves dancing. I am married to a Dane, and so I have adopted Denmark as my second country, and[…]

Interview with Susanne Kristensen midwife, owner of Jordemoderen

Susanne is a passionate midwife with over 16 years of experience and is an IBCLC trained breastfeeding consultant. “The goal and desire of Jordemoderen is to be able to offer pregnant women, partners and new families substantial and competent guidance. The approach is that you know your body best, just as you as parents know[…]

Rebozo for Special Needs Children in Denmark

Rebozo for Special Needs Children It is absolutely amazing what Diane Vincentz have told us about the rebozo techniques applied to Special Needs Children. It has touch us and motivates us so much that we want to spread the word for all these families that have a child with special need. Diane have wrote to[…]