A rebozo wrap or sling provides optimal support and your little baby feels safe and closeness. It is similar to a woven wrap with diagonal stretch, but soft and easy to tie. Can be used from 0-5 years of age when you follow our safety instructions.

How to get started easily

On this page you will find guidance, tips and video guides for rebozos - choose between sling or wrap guidance.

Slings: Size 1-3 are length between 2,20 meters to 3,00 meters are called a sling. Tied over one shoulder.

Wraps: Size 4-6 is length between 3.70 meters to 4.70 meters and is called a wrap. Ties over both shoulders.

Vikle Emma Grey Sand Rebozo - Back Wrap Cross Carry ved havet


With multifunction - size 1-3


For wrap - size 4-6

About wraps and slings - questions and answers

The difference between a wrap and a sling:

A sling is shorter in length than a wrap. A sling is long enough to be tied over one shoulder or back, whereas a wrap is long enough to be tied over two shoulders. A wrap will distribute the weight more as it is tied over both shoulders, which can be an advantage - a sling, on the other hand, is quicker and easier to tie than a wrap, so both have their advantages.

If you choose a rebozo sling, you get a multifunctional sling that also can be used as a scarf and for rebozo massage. Rebozo massage is developed to relieve pregnancy discomfort and can stimulate comfortably during the labor phase, helping the baby to rotate/turn safely and correctly towards birth. You can read more about rebozo massage under the tab "rebozo massage".

At Rebozo Copenhagen we sell rebozos for slings in the lengths: 2,20 meters, 2,85 meters and 3,00 meters.

Vi forhandler rebozos til vikler i længderne: 3,70 meter, 4,20 meter og 4,70 meter.

- All our rebozos size 1-3 have multifunction: carry sling from newborn (from 3200 grams) 0-5 years, scarf and for rebozo massage (pregnant massage).

Here you can read about the benefits of choosing a sling or a wrap from Rebozo Copenhagen.

The difference between a sling and a wrap isthe shorter lengths are called slings and the longer lengths are called wraps. They differ in that the length of a sling is enough to tie the sling and carry the child over one shoulder and the length of a wrap is enough to tie the wrap and carry the child over both shoulders.

The advantage of choosing a sling from Rebozo Copenhagen

We sell rebozos with multifunction (size 1-3), so you can safely use your rebozo both to carry a sling for your child from 0-5 years, as a scarf and for rebozo massage, as recommended by midwives for pregnant women.

They feel light and airy and have diagonal stretch and the same grams per square meter as a fixed wrap = 270 grams per sqm. They are very strong and durable, so you can safely use your rebozo to wrap your child from 0-5 years.

If you choose from our 100% cotton rebozo models, they are soft, durable, allergy friendly, wick moisture away from the body, warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.

If you choose from our 2 polyester rebozo models, they are soft and warm when it's cool. Recommended not to sling when it is hot in summer, as they are hot to wear.

The advantage of choosing a wrap from Rebozo Copenhagen

Our rebozos size 4-6 fit in length to tie a wrap, which you tie over two shoulders. They are similar to a woven wrap with diagonal stretch, but because they are handwoven and of particularly high quality, they are much easier to tie.

De føles lette og luftige, men har samme gram per kvadratmeter = 270 gram per kvm. De er meget stærke og holdbare, så du trygt kan bruge din rebozo til vikle for dit barn fra 0-5 år.

If you choose from our 100% cotton rebozo models, they are soft, durable, allergy friendly, wick moisture away from the body, warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.

If you choose from our 2 polyester rebozo models, they are soft and warm when it's cool. They are not recommended for slings when it is hot, as they are hot to wear.

It is an advantage to choose a handwoven rebozo for the wrap or sling

Rebozo wraps are safe, ergonomic and high quality

Several studies show that newborns and small children need to be as close to their parents as possible for better mental-emotional, and for physical development. A rebozo wrap forms a wonderful and perfect nest for your baby. It provides optimal support for a growing baby's head and spine. If you follow our safety instructions, you can use your rebozo as a sling or wrap from newborn up to 5 years - even for "premature" babies.

Keeps baby calm and happy

Babies who are in close contact with their mother/father are more comfortable, calm and secure. The baby feels comfortable looking without being overstimulated. By staying at the same height as mom/dad/partner the baby is easily integrated into social life. You can breastfeed, bottle-make or do other things with your hands free.

Reduces Colic

In a rebozo wrap, belly-to-belly and vertical position aids digestion and reduces colic.

When talking about the difference between stretch wraps and woven wraps in general, the difference is:

En stretch wrap has much more stretch in the fabric. This means that it is easier to tie than a regular woven wrap and the baby can be placed in the wrap after you have tied it. There are two types of stretch wraps: one type stretches only one way - lengthwise, the other stretches both ways - length and width. Because of its stretch, it cannot carry as much weight as a woven wrap, as it is not "firm" enough. That's why stretch wraps are mostly used for newborns. As opposed to a woven wrap, which can carry both baby and a small child up to 20 kg.

En woven wrap provides maximum support for both mother and baby. A woven wrap has diagonal stretch, which makes the fabric more firm and thus provides a lot more support than a stretch wrap. It can therefore also carry a heavier child and you can carry your child for a long time. A woven wrap distributes the weight differently than a stretch wrap and provides more support, therefore it is ergonomically better for mother and child and you can carry your child for longer periods of time without back pain. A woven wrap can be tied in many different ways. It also looks very pretty. There are bindings that are easy and better for beginners and then there are also more advanced ones that are for the experienced.

When tying a woven wrap the baby should be placed on the stomach/chest first, where you then tie the wrap around the baby. It takes a little practice, which we recommend you do with e.g. a pillow first. The baby can be carried on the front of the stomach/chest or on the back/back carrier. For back carrying in a wrap, you put the cloth (rebozo) on the child and get the child on your back, then you tie the wrap. You can see more examples of binding/babywearing in our video guides below on this page.

The difference compared to a rebozo wrap as a woven wrap

A rebozo wrap has several similarities with a regular woven wrap. It has diagonal stretch and maximum support. It weighs the same as other woven wraps - 270 grams per square metre. It is also tied around the child as a starting point and can be tied in many different ways.

A handwoven rebozo wrap: maximum support for mother and baby, easy to tie and at the same time very soft

The Rebozo wrap from Rebozo Copenhagen differs in that it is handwoven on a pedal loom - not on a factory assembly line. Knowledge of the weaving technique of the rebozo has been passed down through many generations and is a proud family tradition for artisans in Mexico. Our wrap is very much both durable and strong in its structure, but unlike regular woven wraps it doesn't feel stiff or very firm/tight. It provides maximum support, yet feels easy to tie and is very soft. That's why many people are delighted and surprised when they try our rebozos compared to other woven wraps. For the difference is clearly felt.

Because our rebozos are so soft and easy to tie, while providing ergonomically correct and secure support, our rebozos can be used from newborn and up to 5 years. Ordinary woven wraps are usually used from 6 months.

You can see our selection of beautiful rebozos for wraps here:

You can buy an authentic handwoven rebozo in our webshop. We work with various artisans who have passed down their expertise through generations. Each features their local family workshop in Mexico with the family's chosen colours, texture and finished fringe knotted/tied by hand in the family's unique design.

Vælg mellem rebozo med multifunktion eller rebozo til vikle:

Handwoven rebozo with multifunction: Scarf, carrying sling and for rebozo massage - all in one rebozo:

Size 1-3 is length between 2.20 meters to 3.00 meters and is called a sling. Tied over one shoulder.

Handwoven rebozo for wrap: Soft 100% cotton woven wrap with diagonal stretch. From the age of 0-5:

Size 4-6 is length between 3.70 meters to 4.70 meters and is called a wrap. Ties over both shoulders.

We sell rebozos with multifunction (rebozos size 1-3).Our rebozos are best ergonomic both for the mother and the baby to wear the sling for your child from 0-5 years, as the dimensions are adapted to carry the baby and they, like woven wraps, have diagonal stretch that provides optimal support. But they're not stiff and "heavy" like regular woven wraps - they're easy to tie and feel soft and light.

Your rebozo can also be used for rebozo massage, which is recommended by midwives for pregnant women. Last but not least, it also looks great as a scarf, so you can carry your fond memories with you for years to come.

Rebozo massage is a holistic non-invasive method to support pregnant women through their pregnancy, the method is originally from Mexico. It is a gentle, effective pregnant massage developed over many generations by skilled midwives who have experienced first-hand how it helps pregnant women through pregnancy, labour and postnatal periods.


Rebozo massage is:
  • relief of pregnancy pain and discomfort
  • safe and natural relaxation of the muscles where you need it
  • to get the baby in the right position in the pelvis - before birth
  • painless and also used for non-invasive reversal attempts - before birth
  • labor stimulation - during birth in the labor phase
  • a method of rotating the baby down the birth canal - during birth
  • to change that the baby has an inappropriate head position - during birth
  • a help for the body to recover - after birth
  • also beneficial for other purposes
If you have problems, major discomfort or complications during your pregnancy you should consult a professional before trying rebozo massage. It can be a midwife, doula or obstetrician.
Rebozo massage is performed with a rebozo, hence the name. A rebozo is a traditional Mexican handwoven shawl/scarf. The massage has been developed based on the precise measurements and stretches of the rebozo.
A rebozo is woven by Mexican artisans who have passed down their knowledge and technique through out generations. All Mexican women have at least one rebozo, which they use as a shawl or scarf for dressing up, and for carrying their baby as well as for rebozo massage.

SHARE YOUR PREGNANCY - A way to be pregnant together

Rebozo massage is a fun, safe, natural and effective way to be pregnant with your partner, friends or family. It's an experience you'll remember and look back on with fond memories.


Massaging with a authentic handwoven rebozo targets muscles on the pregnant woman that can't be reached with ordinary massage with hands or other types of fabric. A rebozo is also much easier to work with for a professional (midwife, doula, obstetrician, etc.) as the effect is achieved by less physical work, where the stretch and meassurement support the massager and the fabric easily grips, unlike other fabric types which do not envelop in the same way and can slip around during the massage.


Rebozo massage has the special effect of both relieving pregnancy discomfort and treating pain in pregnant women, and rebozo massage massages deeper in a safe way so that, for example by relaxing the deep muscles in the pelvis, you positively affect the baby with rocking movements and create better space for the baby in the belly.


This is one of the reasons why, with the right technique, rebozo massage can both rotate the baby into the right birthing position - ready for birth, the massage can labor stimulate and you can make painless reversal attempts in a natural and safe way for both mother and baby.


The rebozo technique loosens the pelvic muscles, which can help support the child's rotation through the birth path and correct inappropriate head positions. Rebozo massage can in many cases support the avoidance of caesarean section.


If you're pregnant and want to try baby rotation, reversal attempt or labor stimulation, consult a professional who works with rebozo massage in their practice. This could be a midwife, doula or obstetrician. You are also welcome to contact us and we will be happy to send you a list of professionals who have experience with rebozo massage.


Did you know that rebozo massage can also be used to create calm and reassurance for children with, for example, autism, ADHD or particular sensitivities, as they may feel discomfort from sensory or physical touch. A rebozo´s measurement and stretch touches and massages in a pleasant not overwhelming way and the child receives a physical touch of the cloth that is not overstimulating but soothing. It can help your baby to calm down and fall asleep.


Read more under our page with instructions and video guides for rebozo massage. Here you will find lots of knowledge about rebozo massage, the authentic rebozo and rebozo massage exercises you can do yourself with a friend or partner.

Rebozo massage relieves pregnancy discomfort, pain and gives relaxation. You can do rebozo massage during pregnancy, in the labor phase of childbirth and postpartum.

Rebozo massage at home: You can do rebozo massage on others yourself or have someone else do rebozo massage on you. For example, a friend or a partner.

Rebozo massage with a professional: It is a good idea to attend a birth preparation course or a rebozo massage workshop, where a professional can help and guide you so that you learn the different techniques and exercises in the best possible way and can use them afterwards. Many find that they give birth more easily and that they relax more during contractions. This is why there are now a number of clinics and professionals offering rebozo massage. A professional who does rebozo massage can be, for example: a midwife, doula, obstetrician or physiotherapist.

Rebozo Copenhagen also organises courses/events with rebozo massage or sling guidance, often in collaboration with a professional in the field of childbirth, sling guidance or a yoga instructor offering rebozo massage as a practical exercise.

Follow us on this page to see ongoing events, which we hold about 3-4 times a year or follow us on instagram, where we also share upcoming events: @rebozocopenhagen

Newsletter: We are working on a newsletter. Once it's up and running, you'll also be able to get first notice of upcoming events as a newsletter recipient, and we'll share tips and advice, special offers and more.

We share tips and video guides on this page for tying a sling or wrap, as well as a safety guide.

You can also search for courses and classes with sling guidance. For example, there are many maternity activities where some of the classes have sling guidance/wrap guidance. You can also contact a sling guide/coach who will advise and show you how to tie slings and wraps.

A sling is shorter in length than a wrap. A sling is long enough to be tied over one shoulder, whereas a wrap is long enough to be tied over two shoulders. Below we share some tips and video guides for tying slings and wraps.

You can both finish your binding of the sling or the wrap with a knot or two rings. A sling closed with rings is called a ring sling. We have not heard anyone use the term ring wrap, but it is possible to close/tie a wrap with a ring. You can see it in one of our videos.

We recommend that you read our safety guide before tying and carrying your child in slings or wraps. You can see our safety guide here:

It is important that you wash your product before use to ensure that the fabric is completely clean and to allow the fabric to 'set' in place so that the rebozo is fully functional and soft and easy to tie and apply. If you follow our washing instructions, there's a good chance you'll have your rebozo for a lifetime with all the good memories it holds. You can see our washing instructions here:

Safety and washing instructions


  • Distance: you should be able to kiss the child's head. The rebozo must support the child's neck/back of the head. Between the child's head- from the chin to its chest, 2 adult fingers should be able to fit under the child's chin. To ensure free airways.
  • The child's hands up by its face.
  • Free airways, the child's face, nose and mouth must not be covered.
  • Round the back of the child, make sure the fabric is smoothed and firm up the child's back.
  • Frog position - Frog position: knees above/raised above buttocks.

We recommend that you occasionally check that the baby is at a good temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Check the baby's neck by feeling it: If it is warm and wet/sweaty, the baby is too hot. Then you can take a break from carrying the baby or take off some clothes or wear skin-to-skin. If the neck is cold, the baby is too cold. Put on some more clothes on the baby. The baby's neck should be warm and reasonably dry.

It is recommended to carry the child facing the mother/father/partner for safety and to avoid too many impressions - up to 8-9 months at least before turning the child outwards or carrying it on the back.

Tips - Newborn baby: fold a cloth into the fabric of the sling behind the neck/back of the head of the newborn baby for even more support and security.

Choosing a rebozo for a sling or wrap and following our safety instructions will ensure an ergonomically correct position for your baby, and as such there are no restrictions on how long baby can sit in the sling or wrap. Yet, remember to check your baby regularly according to the safety instructions when you carry it. Timespand: You should go with what you feel most comfortable with for your baby. ♥

A rebozo can also be called a kind of baby carrier, as it is used to carry the baby and can be made adjustable with slip-knot knots or rings. As it has a woven stretch and follows the movements of mother and baby, it is more comfortable and gentle on baby's spine when used as a sling or wrap.


Wash the product before use*: For cleanliness and for the stretch of the fabric to "set". Tie the fringes together with a hair elastic and wash at 30º.

*Do not tumble dry.

SLYNGE: Hang to dry "in waves" - over 2 clotheslines. It is best for the rebozo.

WAVE: Hang to dry "in waves" - over 4 clotheslines. It is best for the rebozo.

*We recommend that you use a mild and unscented detergent/washing powder. E.g. labelled with "Svanemærket" and "Astma-Allergi Danmark".)

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