How to use a rebozo?

During Pregnancy

During labor in childbirth

Postpartum ceremony

Som baby sele

As a Shawl or a Scarf

And many other uses

During pregnancy

During pregnancy the rebozo is used to provide the mother comfort and well-being, through the "Manteado" which is a soft movement in the belly, the head and the buttocks.

This can help the baby to rotate during pregnancy or descend through the birth canal more easily, so in many cases, a C - section can be avoided.

During Birth

With the rebozo the father/partner plays and important role during the pregnancy and the childbirth.

Most men/partners are willing to learn about their expected roles during childbirth and are eager to support their partners/wives/spouses during this time.

With the rebozo the dads/partner are involved during this period by doing Rebozo massages which means that they are actively helping their wife/spouse/partner to relieve their pain and settle the baby in the right position for the birth.

The Rebozo technique helps to relax mothers as a natural pain relief and give them more comfort, the techniques used during early or active labor help mobilizing the maternal pelvis, collaborating in the good position of the baby for labor.


or the post-partum, the rebozo is used as an old technique from Mexican midwifery in order to close the spiritual, emotional and physical opening that occurs in women with the arrival of a baby.

The body is wrapped in parts, from the feet to the head and from the head to the feet or vice versa. Holding the fabric with your hands, we carry out a gentle but firm traction generating that closing sensation.

As a Baby Carrier

For carrying the baby. The rebozo makes a wonderful and perfect nest for your baby.

There are more and more studies that argue that newborns and small children need to stay as close as possible to their parents, for two main reasons: one, the psycho-emotional factor; and two, the physical development, both fundamental pillars in the upbringing and natural development of the human being.

This is where the rebozo plays a very important role, as it keeps the baby as close as possible to their mom.

As a Shawl or a Scarf

Your rebozo accompanies you in all the stages of your life.

While using the rebozo in pregnancy and then as a baby carrier, you can always use it as a scarf or shawl in every occasion.

You can also use it as a blanket, to cover you or your baby when it´s cold. You use your rebozo the rest of your life as a scarf and shawl keeping all the good memories of your kids.

Other uses

Rebozo Amaya Blue with Karina

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