Rebozo massage is a holistic and non-invasive method – originally from Mexico

The method is a natural and safe pregnancy massage that provides relief, relaxation and can get the baby into the right delivery position. Rebozo massage is recommended by midwives and doulas.

You can do rebozo massage with your rebozo at home with a partner or a friend.


Rebozo Copenhagen: Rebozo workshop for professionals

Learn how to do rebozo massage – with Guadalupe Trueba and Adriana Barri.

Rebozo for massage

Rebozos in 100% cotton

Multi-function: ✓ Scarf ✓ Carrying sling ✓ Rebozo massage

Maite rebozo –

size 1-3 with
and in 100% cotton


If you have problems during pregnancy, consult your midwife or doula before using the technique.

All our rebozos in sizes 1-3 can be used for rebozo massage. (Size 1 – but not standing massage – the person performing.)

PROFESSIONALS size 2 and size 3 are recommended for working with rebozo massage. Taller than 185 cm is recommended from size 3 and size 4.)


THROUGH PREGNANCY – During pregnancy, the rebozo is used to give the mother well-being and security through “Manteado”, which is a soft movement of the stomach, head and rear. With regular use in the last three months, there is a greater chance that the baby will rotate and penetrate more easily through the birth canal and that caesarean section can be avoided in many cases.

DURING BIRTH IN THE WAVE PHASE – Most men/partners are very interested in supporting their pregnant partner, but may be unsure how. With the rebozo, they can get involved in the birth by performing a rebozo massage, where they actively help relieve pain and get the baby in the right position. The Rebozo technique helps mothers to relax through a natural pain relief method and give them more comfort.

AFTER CHILDBIRTH – After childbirth, the rebozo has been used as an ancient technique by Mexican midwives to close the spiritual, emotional and physical opening that occurs in women after childbirth. This is called closing ceremony. The body is wrapped in parts, from the feet to the head and from the head to the feet or vice versa. Holding the fabric with your hands, we carry out a gentle but firm traction generating that closing sensation.


You can use these video exercises in all phases: pregnancy, the womb phase during labor and after birth.

The rebozo has been used traditionally by Mexican midwives for centuries to help women comfortably through pregnancy and childbirth using rebozo massage. The technique has spread to birth assistants in the West and Europe in recent years, due to the beneficial and effective effect.

Who uses the rebozo technique?

The Rebozo technique is used in Danish hospitals: Hvidovre Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Herlev Hospital and more. Also used in many hospitals around the world.

Midwives and doulas use it for their childbirth preparation courses, for workshops and as a helpful tool for pregnant women.

You can also make and receive a rebozo massage yourself at home together with your partner or with the help of a friend. You can see a few good and effective exercises below and read more via the menu at the top.

How does the rebozo massage work?

The Rebozo technique relaxes the muscles in and around the pelvis, which can help support the baby’s rotation through the birth canal and correct inappropriate head positions.

Rebozo massage is used during pregnancy as a pain-relieving and relaxing massage for the back, lower back, buttocks and pelvic floor. It helps to get the baby in a good position before birth, and can also make the baby rotate.

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