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Workshops, courses, business to business, resale and more.

See our current courses and workshops, both for professionals and individuals. Business to business: We have several collaboration options that can be tailored to your needs and request.

Discover what a real rebozo can do for you

  • Birth preparation and pregnancy with rebozo massage: Relief, well-being and relaxation for pregnant women. Deep and safe massage.
  • Before and during birth: Improves the chances of a complication-free birth. Read more under the tab page "rebozo massage".
  • For baby developmental leaps, child teething and in general: A rebozo sling provides reassurance and easy and quick relief when baby needs extra care by being carried close to the body.
  • Helps parents with challenges: carrying in a rebozo wrap or sling reduces colic, reflux and eases baby's digestive system when carried belly-to-belly and in the vertical position.
  • Treatment of stress and anxiety: Rebozo massage releases oxytocin and endorphins, relaxing the body and making you feel pleasant. It's easy to get tense when you feel stress or anxiety. The massage treats this.
  • Treatment massage: Can be used for pain, soreness, disability, chronic pain and more without posing any risk, as long as you stop the massage in case of discomfort.
  • Treatment for autism, ADHD, special sensitivities and the like: Rebozo massage creates calm, security and pleasant physical contact for children with autism, ADHD, special sensitivity and the like. - without overstimulation.

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Private clinics, hospitals, midwives, doula's, sling guidence counselors, physiotherapists, therapists, educational institutions, yoga instructors, clinics working with stress, clinics for patients with disabilities, therapists for children with autism and ADHD and more.

B2B - resale, workshops, courses, education and more

We can offer rebozo workshops, slinging guidance, educational presentations with practical exercises and the possibility of reselling rebozos and more.* We are also open to cooperation in organising several types of activities. Do you want to resell rebozos to your clients/course participants? We will be happy to make a package deal with a good volume discount on rebozos.

We have 2 products: handwoven rebozos for wraps and with multifunction: wrap, carry sling from 0-5 years and rebozo massage. We have short delivery time from warehouse in Ørestad, DK.

*For bookings of more than four people we can come to you in Copenhagen. For bookings of more than 20 people we can travel in whole of Country.

Used by Danish hospitals and professionals

We collaborate with several Danish hospitals and various midwives, doula, physiotherapists, other therapists, obstetricians and others.

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    Rebozo multifunction for rebozo massage - size 1-3

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