✓ Scarf ✓ Carrying sling ✓ Rebozo massage (pregnant massage)

All our rebozos are hand-woven and authentic, high quality rebozos and you will be surprised how comfortable they are to use at the same time that they have an incredibly strong and beautiful structure.

All our rebozos size 1-3 are multifunctional and can be used for all the above three functions

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Rebozo Marie Blue Light Grey tørklæde til rebozo massage for par

Rebozo scarf – multifunctional

Rebozos in 100% cotton

✓ Scarf ✓ Carrying sling ✓ Rebozo massage (pregnant massage)

Rebozos in polyester

✓ Scarf ✓ Carry sling (for cool seasons) ✓ Rebozo massage of smaller body parts


A rebozo for all the memories you carry with you through life

All our rebozos are hand-woven by local artisans on pedal looms and the fringes are hand-knotted. It is a proud craft tradition in Mexico that has been passed down through several generations. The rebozo has spread to the West and Europe as its beneficial functions have been discovered and experienced.

Rebozo as a scarf

As a scarf, you get a unique and beautiful scarf where you can carry the memory of your time as a pregnant woman and with your baby and child throughout your life every time you wear your scarf or you can use it as a shawl.

Rebozo for rebozo massage (pregnant massage)

You can use a rebozo for birth preparation through rebozo massage, which is a particularly gentle and effective form of pregnant massage. Rebozo massage is used, for example, by Danish hospitals such as Hvidovre hospital, Rigshospitalet and Herlev hospital. The method is also recommended by midwives and doulas. If you are a midwife or doula yourself, you can both use your rebozo to give and receive a rebozo massage, but also enjoy it yourself as a scarf and shawl.

Rebozo for carrying sling – 0-5 years

If you choose size 1-3, you can also make a sling that is tied over one shoulder. It is a very easy and good way to carry your child and you get very close to each other and the child is stimulated by the proximity and your body contact. Our handwoven rebozos are woven wraps in 100% cotton with a diagonal stretch, which is the best ergonomically for both the child and the mother/father. Can be used from the child is 0-5 years.

If you are instead looking for a wrap, that is longer and can be worn over two shoulders – Click here.

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