Fair collaboration and price

We work directly with unique artisans from different local areas of Mexico. By choosing Rebozo Copenhagen, you support these artisans in keeping their craft and traditions alive in their communities.
We regularly visit local workshops to make sure conditions are good and we make sure we pay a fair price so we can continue to support their craft tradition and support local communities.
All our rebozos are handwoven on pedal looms and the fringes are hand tied. They are unique, created by creative hands with empathy.
Adriana og Javier. Besøg hos kunsthåndværkeren, der laver Emma rebozos.

Amaya rebozo fringes knotted by hand

Emma rebozo woven on pedal loom

Rebozo væves på pedalvæv af kunsthåndværker i familieværksted i Mexico

Javier's family built pedal weaving

"We weave our emotions, family life and history into the design and colours. I like the craftsmanship. The rebozo is much more than a piece of fabric. When we make a garment, we impregnate our feelings, our knowledge. You can see it in the different designs and in the colours when they are finished".

- Carlos, artisan

"The rebozo, its tradition and meaning, is very beautiful, maybe as time goes by you forget to appreciate what you have at the moment, but having tried other line of industries and other things, I appreciate my craft, also when I think of all the life experience I have".

- Javier, artisan


Behind every rebozo, there is a person, a pair of hands and a story to be told. Our rebozos are woven on a traditional pedal loom and it takes between 1 to 3 days to weave a rebozo.

One rebozo is made by an entire family, where both men and women are involved in the process. Men weave the rebozo while women weave/tie the endings of the rebozo with their hands. It is a team effort where there is gender equality.

Throughout the centuries and until today, each state in Mexico has its craft, its shawl (rebozo), its drawing and design. The different artisans differ through their creations and rebozo's textures and threads.

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