Interview with Barbara Menegazzo, owner of @baby.d.m, babywearing

We had interviewed Barbara, she has been very passionate about babywearing since her first child, what makes her study to be a babywearing consultant. You will read about her story, her experience and some tips about babywearing.


I am barbara mother of Alessia 12, Marco 7 and Melissa a year and a half.

I am a very young mother, I had my first daughter at 17, and I have always been very nonconformist, in those days there was not all this information that exists today, but I already had clear ideas.

I undertook self-weaning at the time unknown, and preferred the high contact. I have always have nursed and slept with my children, making it a safe haven for them. Always meeting their needs.

Marco brings me closer to the world of carrying but unfortunately the hectic life did not allow me to go deeper. Only with the arrival of Melissa, my third daughter, I was able to fully dedicate myself and get to know the art of carrying in depth.


Even before he was born, I was informed and documented when he was in the belly.

Rebozo Scarf Emma Gray Wrap and Rebozo massage pic.3

Here in Italy we actually carry with rebozo occasionally, but I was in Mexico in 2017 for my honeymoon and fell in love with this culture. So I started reading about Babywearing all over the world, especially in Pebozo.


Unfortunately, finding it in Italy, having not yet entered the world of fb groups, was not easy and I managed to get one of my first Pebozo just a year after the birth of Melissa.

Having met Pebozo Copenhagen, I fell madly in love with it, such a compact and delicate texture, full of love and history.

I find the ergonomic and perfect rebozo right from pregnancy, to carry our baby and in the everyday life of our days, as a shawl, scarf or bedspread.