Interview with Susanne Kristensen midwife, owner of Jordemoderen

Susanne is a passionate midwife with over 16 years of experience and is an IBCLC trained breastfeeding consultant.

“The goal and desire of Jordemoderen is to be able to offer pregnant women, partners and new families substantial and competent guidance. The approach is that you know your body best, just as you as parents know your child best. Where my midwifery teaching and guidance is always based on your valuable knowledge and individual wishes. ”

Interview with Susanne Kristensen midwife, owner of Jordemoderen


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have wanted to be a midwife since I was a child and I was determined to become one. So when I was 24 years old, I was graduating (and pregnant with my first child).

I live in Roskilde with my husband and our 2 children, aged 11 and 16 years old. Much of my time is spent as a midwife. For me it is more a lifestyle and a passion than it is a job. But in my free time I love to be with good friends and run in the nature.

How has been your journey as midwife and how did you get introduce to the rebozo techniques?

I started as a midwife in 2005 (and reached just 3 months in a job before I gave birth myself) Many of my fellow students had dreams of working in Greenland or traveling all over the world in other ways. Some dreamed of continuing studying or doing research. But for me, it was my goal and my dream to be right there – in the delivery room. So I was there for the next 12 years.

Unfortunately, I experienced increased pressure in the public sector, which often meant I had to go in compromise on my professionalism. This led to a shift and in 2016-2020 I worked at the private maternity clinic Storkereden. In here was calm, presence, continuity and knowledge as the principal keywords. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2020, the clinic had to close down for births. o it left me in something of a confusion – which path should I choose now as a midwife? I started my own company “Jodemoderen” to be able to continue to offer midwifery services in the way I want it. At the same time, I have some shifts in the delivery room – because I cannot avoid births!

My knowledge of the Rebozo started in the hospital years ago. One of my good colleagues in the delivery room traveled to Mexico and followed a traditional mexican midwife. When my colleague came home she learned me and together we became more proficient over the years.

But I worked even more intensively with rebozo during the 4 years at the maternity clinic. Here rebozo was the unique tool for birth maturation, relieving pregnancy problems, pain relief, irregular head positions, etc. At a clinic we do not have medical tools available, so we discover how much you can do with other tools!

Now I offer rebozo massage in my own company and I am often out with pregnant women who want techniques for childbirth or just a good time smoothing massage.

How many years have you been working with the rebozo?

The last 8 years approx.

Why do you use the rebozo massage as a part of your midwife tools and when do you apply it?

I think rebozo massage is a very concrete tool. There are many things that for pregnant women that feels intangible and difficult to control. But the rebozo is a simple tool that the partner can also learn. They can use it themselves and can often feel immediate effect. For the births, the families also think that “you do something” and it feels good. In a birth where much is waiting time and patience, it is perfect to have a tool that can progress the process and help in the way.

I use rebozo in really many situations. To relieve pregnancy in comfortabilities, to relax the body, to stretch the lower back and the buttocks, as pain relief during birth, to help the baby penetrate well into the pelvis (both before and during birth), to stimulate contractions during labor, as a gentle massage to baby’s tummy and mother’s body after birth.

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