To Doulas and Midwives, we recommend a size longer than 2.50 MTS, to protect you back. (See rebozo massage charts)

For parents, we recommend a size that you can use as babywearing or a scarf. Even though you use it for rebozo massage at home. (See babywearing charts)

Sling / Wrap

Three ways to use your rebozo:

  • Ringsling
  • Traditional slip knot
  • Simple knot

Carry your baby in three different positions: hip carry, front carry and back carry

Benefits by using your rebozo in the three knots:

  • Easy, simple, fast and practical to use, just one knot and that’s it.
  • From newborn to 4 years old.

You can use our 3 meters rebozo with all the knots but also as a wrap.

Rebozo Massage

If you are a professional birth keeper and will use it for work. I recommend you to use long rebozos (2.50 Mt – 3 Mt).

If you are becoming a mom and will just use the rebozo for a short period. Then I will recommend you to focus on the babywearing chart.

Why buy a rebozo for rebozo massage instead of using a towel, bed sheet or ordinary scarf?

Towel, bed sheet or ordinary scarf can be used, but is impractical when you have too much fabric between your hands and around the pregnant body to do exercises, therefore you may not achieve the same effect.

The rebozo has the right size – so you get the best effect

A rebozo has the exact dimensions both in length (between 2.20 and 3.20 meters) which suits the different functions (rebozo massage and baby carrier), and the width (between 65 and 75 cm) which is perfect for a good grip with the hands and there is not too much fabric around the woman’s belly or pelvis.

The exact measurements are important so that your partner / doula / midwife can massage in the right position. You can also use the rebozo as a baby carrier.

The rebozo is designed for the purpose

The rebozo is thin but strong and is developed for the purpose. All rebozos are hand-woven, made of cotton which gives a good grip for the exercises.