Rebozo Marie Green Petroleum

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Marie Green Petroleum rebozo is light, very soft and warm. It is ideal for scarf and shawl. It is very elegant and warm.

You can also use it for:

  1. Almost all the rebozo massages during pregnancy, not recommended for childbirth as it is skin to skin. It can be short for the lying massage. Sometimes when you are doing the rebozo massage, you can feel the rebozo can slips a bit from the pregnant woman’s body compared to a cotton rebozo that sticks to the body.
  2. As a baby sling, is good for cold weather as it is warm and the babies have a lot of clothes on, so the polyester fabric isn’t direct to the baby’s skin. You can use this rebozo from new born and up to 15 kgs. For summer it’s better to use a cotton rebozo.
  3. As a blanket for your baby during winter, as polyester keeps the warm.

We work directly with five unique artisans from different local communities in Mexico. Behind every rebozo, there is a person, a pair of hands and a story to be told. Our Rebozos are weaved by a traditional pedal weaving loom. With this technique, it takes one to three days for each Rebozo to be made. Each community makes their own pattern in different colors. Marie Rebozo is made in the South of Mexico, in a small town in the mountains where is cold.

Material and lenght: Polyester, 2.0 mts x 69 cm

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