Rebozo Emma Grey – Handwoven Wrap


Rebozo Baby wrap Emma Grey is handwoven, soft and of high quality with a unique handmade design on the fringes. The wrap is very easy to tie and ergonomically correct. Free-of-chemistry certified.

By choosing Rebozo Copenhagen you support artisans in keeping their tradition alive and the local community. Less environmental impact: our rebozos are woven by hand and foot on pedal looms. A rebozo wrap takes about 3 days to weave.

REBOZO WRAP - size 4-6

Size 4 ✓ wrap ✓ rebozo massage
Size 5 and 6 ✓ wrap ✓ rebozo massage*
*Works aswell for rebozo massage for a shorter period of time when you primarily want a wrap. You can tie knots on the loose hanging ends and thereby shorten the length of the rebozo.
For your child from 0-4 years / 2.5 kg - 20 kg. A Rebozo wrap provides optimal support and your baby gets a feeling of security and closeness. Like a regular woven wrap, it has diagonal stretch.


If you work with rebozo massage: For best working position choose size 2 or size 3 (rebozos with multifunction) see selection here.


100% cotton - breathable - allergy friendly - leads moisture away from body.