A Rebozo wrap provides optimal support and your little baby gets a sense of security and closeness.

Our handwoven rebozos are swaddles in 100% cotton with a diagonal stretch, which is the best ergonomics for both the child and the mother/father. Can be used from the child is 0-5 years.

Rebozo for wrap

Length size 4 ✓ wrap ✓ rebozo massage

Length size 5 and 6 ✓ Wrap


Rebozo wraps are safe, ergonomic and high quality

Several studies show that newborns and young children need to be as close to their parents as possible for better psycho-emotional and physical development. A rebozo wrap forms a wonderful and perfect nest for your baby. It provides optimal support for a growing baby’s head and spine.

Keeps baby calm and happy

Babies who are in close contact with their mother/father are more comfortable, calm and secure. The baby feels comfortable looking without being overstimulated. By staying at the same height as mom/dad/partner the baby is easily integrated into social life. You can breastfeed, bottle-make or do other things with your hands free.

Reduces Colic

In a rebozo wrap, belly-to-belly and vertical position aids digestion and reduces colic.

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