This page helps you find your sling size and provides an overview of sling binding types.

With a handwoven rebozo for sling, you get multifunctionality: You get a sling, scarf and cloth for rebozo massage all in one rebozo. A rebozo sling is firm and soft with diagonal stretch and provides maximum support for both baby and mother/father. Can be used to carry your child from newborn up to 4 years / 2.5 kg – 25 kg.

For size guide for rebozo to wrap (size 4-6), where it is tied over both shouldersclick here

Rebozo for sling

We have three sizes you can use as a sling. Size 1, 2 and 3. Pick from your own clothing size and choose from the following sizes:

Size 1 (xs-s) – length 2.20 metres ✓ scarf ✓ carry sling and ✓ rebozo massage of smaller body parts.

Size 2 (m-l) – length 2.85 metres ✓ scarf ✓ carry sling and ✓ rebozo massage.

Size 3 (l-xl) – length 3.00 metres ✓ scarf ✓ carry sling and ✓ rebozo massage.

All our rebozos are authentic and handwoven. You can make slings with our variety of rebozos with multifunction: carry sling, scarf and for rebozo massage – all three functions in one rebozo. That’s why you can use your rebozo during pregnancy, for birth with rebozo treatment and after birth to carry your baby from newborn to 5 years old and as a beautiful scarf that carries wonderful memories.

If you mainly want to use your rebozo for rebozo massage, we recommend that you choose size 2 and 3 instead. You can also use size 1 for rebozo massage of smaller body parts. Size 1, however, is not long enough for the person performing the massage to stand up and do the massage while the other is lying down. You can see our size guide for rebozo for rebozo massage – click here.

See examples of bindings to carry your child from newborn to 4 years (2.5 kg – 20 kg) below.

Rebozo for couples – easy and practical for men too

Did you know that a rebozo sling is very easy to share with your partner/husband? You should choose the size based on who is using the largest size, and then it can be fitted to both of you. You can tie an extra knot if you want to have shorter ends hanging.

Rebozo for sling – size 1-3. You can make these different bindings/bearings:

Size 1: (Length 2.20 meters) Slip knot, simple (flat) knot, ring sling, belly sling and hip sling or back sling.
Size 2: (Length 2.85 meters) Slip knot, simple (flat) knot, ring sling, belly sling and hip sling or back sling.
Size 3: (Length 3.00 metres): slip knot, single (flat) knot, ring sling, belly sling and hip sling or back sling.

With size 1-3, you can also make a wrap where you carry your baby on your back. It’s called ‘rucksack carry’ or ‘pirate carry’. You can see how to tie this type of wrap under our wrap tips and video guides – click here. A wrap is tied over two shoulders, whereas a sling is tied over one shoulder.

How to get started easily

Check out our instructions, tips and video guides to easily get started using your sling rebozo. Here you will also find our safety instructions and washing instructions for your rebozo.

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Rebozo slings are safe, ergonomic and high quality

Several studies show that newborns and young children need to be as close to their parents as possible for better psycho-emotional and physical development. A rebozo wrap forms a wonderful and perfect nest for your baby. It provides optimal support for a growing baby’s head and spine.

Keeps baby calm and happy

Babies who are in close contact with their mother/father are more comfortable, calm and secure. The baby feels comfortable looking without being overstimulated. By staying at the same height as mom/dad/partner the baby is easily integrated into social life. You can breastfeed, bottle-make or do other things with your hands free.

Reduces Colic

In a rebozo wrap, belly-to-belly and vertical position aids digestion and reduces colic.

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